Development of FELT

The development of the framework was led by an open working group. The working group was led by ALT Trustees Bella Abrams, Sharon Flynn and Natalie Lafferty and included learners and representatives from industry.  

Work to establish ALT’s new ethical framework started in October 2020. Following the initial period of establishing the working group and holding regular meetings, we collected input and feedback which informed the next phase of work. 

In January 2021, we started work on drafting the ethical principles and resources and over the course of three months, this resulted in a draft document that was then circulated for wider consultation. 

We conducted an open consultation from 7 May - 9 June 2021 and received 165 responses.

The consultation asked for feedback and input about different elements of the framework:

  • Ethical principles for professional practice in Learning Technology
  • Putting principles into action - reflective practice, practical tools and a checklist


75% of respondents were Members of ALT, and included individuals working in all education sectors, including 12% of responses from industry, with the majority being from Higher Education. We published the summary findings at ALT’s Annual General Meeting and the next working group meeting.

Resources and references that informed the development of the framework

How to define ethical approaches to using Learning Technology is a complex and wide-ranging topic. During the development of this framework we gathered a large number of resources and references that informed its development and helped us learn from others who have done work in this area. 

As part of the framework, we will continue to update and expand our knowledge of the wider context and continue to make this openly accessible for the community.


Past updates

Look back at how the framework was developed: