Website terms of business

Products, services and prices

  1. You can use this website to pay for products and services including attendance at events, joining ALT as an individual or organisation, and becoming a candidate under our certified membership scheme.
  2. These products and services vary over time and the costs associated with each are set as each becomes available, and are reviewed periodically thereafter.
  3. We show prices for products and services (in Pounds Sterling) on the membership application, event booking, candidature registration or order form for the product or service in question, and in the confirmation emails that the site sends users at the conclusion of a transaction.
  4. For products or services paid for online with our PayPal payment processor in currencies other than Pounds Sterling, the currency conversion rate that will apply is set not by ALT but by Paypal Inc. and is shown to you prior to your completion of any transaction paid in a currency other than Pounds Sterling.
  5. For products and services not paid online at the time of purchase (e.g. offline payments), all charges and transfer fees must be paid by you, ALT should receive the full amount invoiced in Pounds Sterling.
  6. All payments should be made via our website or by direct bank transfer. Unfortunately, we can not accept cash or cheque payments. 

Privacy policy

Here is our Privacy Policy. For the avoidance of doubt, ALT does not use this website to collect or store credit or debit card numbers. Instead this process is handled on our behalf by PayPal Inc.

Refund and cancellation policy

  1. We will refund any payment made to us in error provided you tell us within one calendar month of the transaction that was made in error. Any such refund will be made by us within fourteen days of the error being notified to us, and usually more quickly than this.
  2. For bookings made for ALT events our cancellation policy varies depending on the nature of the event. The policy is made clear on the booking form for the event in question and/or on pages on our website that relate to that event. Any refund made under the cancellation policy for an event will be made by us within fourteen days of the refund being agreed, and usually more quickly than this.
  3. Individual memberships cannot be transferred between individuals.
  4. If you or the organisation you represent have a complaint about any product or service that you or your organisation has paid for using this website, we will deal with your complaint efficiently within the provisions of our Complaints Policy.
  5. In case of difficulty please contact us.

Important notes

  1. All payment transactions are encrypted, but the security of data such as passwords or credit card numbers may be compromised if the computer you use for the transaction has itself been compromised. Therefore take care to use a computer you trust when making payments using our website.
  2. We will never ask you for password or other account information over the phone, or by email.
  3. The Refund and Cancellation Policy has no effect on your or your organisation's statutory rights.
  4. Any legal dispute concerning our Website terms of business will be dealt with under the law of England and Wales.

Policy last reviewed and updated on 30 April 2020