Work progresses on ALT's Ethical Framework

ALT Ethical Framework yard stick drawing

Work to establish ALT’s new ethical framework has progressed well since October 2020 and we are now in the final weeks of the first phase of development. Following the initial period of establishing the working group and holding regular meetings, we have collected input and feedback which will inform the next phase of work. From March to September 2021, we have been working to draft, consult on and then finalise the framework and tools for launch at the Annual Conference in September.

Launch event

The launch of the framework is part of ALT's Annual Conference 2021. This year’s theme is Shared Experience, Different Perspectives.
The long-term impact of the last year and the ongoing pandemic is hard to imagine. Fully online and blended learning have become everyone’s business; all educators, learners, managers, senior leaders and policy writers have been drawn into the world of learning technology. The response from everyone has been phenomenal. This year’s Annual Association for Learning Technology Conference provides an opportunity to bring us all together to reflect on the shared experience from our different perspectives. How has it challenged us? Where have we succeeded? What lessons have we learned? What might the future look like?

The launch event takes place at the start of the second day of the conference, Wednesday, 8th September. You can find out more in the conference programme. Registration for the conference is now open and we also accept scholarship applications. For more information about attending the event, please head over to the registration page. A recording of the launch will be available after the conference. 

Stay informed and get involved

This is an important development for our community and we are looking for your input to develop ALT's new framework. 
If you'd like to stay informed or get involved, please sign up here. Visit our dedicate page for more information.