In addition to working in partnership with a broad range of organisations, we also work closely with our Sponsoring Members and other member organisations. If you are interested in working with the Association, please contact us.

We have formal Memoranda of Understanding with:

  • ASCILITE, the Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (a sister membership organisation in Australasia);
  • AoC, the Association of Colleges;
  • EUROCALL, the European Association of Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • ILTA, Irish Learning Technology Association;
  • L&W, the Learning and Work Institute.
  • NAACE,  The Education Technology Association


We have a partnership with:

  • Jisc. In 2008 JISC and ALT put in place a Memorandum of Understanding on which a productive relationship between the two organisations was built. In December 2012 Jisc changed its legal status and became a registered charity. In March 2014 we updated our partnership statement to ensure that Jisc and ALT continue to work together and to show that both organisations share a common commitment to harness technology to advance learning and improve access to it. Areas for collaboration include policy and leadership, innovation and projects.


We work closely with:


We have membership exchanges with:


ALT is a Member of the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (UK charity 225922).