ALT Strategy

We work across the UK and internationally to:

  1. Strengthen recognition and representation for Learning Technology professionals from all sectors;
  2. Enhance professionalisation of Learning Technology nationally;
  3. Increase the impact of Learning Technology for public benefit.

Our overall charitable objective is "to advance education through increasing, exploring and disseminating knowledge in the field of Learning Technology for the benefit of the general public". Our core activities are focused on membership services that help us achieve our strategic aims and generate the majority of ALT’s income as an independent charity.

Strategic objectives for 2020

As part of ALT's Strategy 2020-2025 (.pdf) we set out specific strategic objectives for each year, responding directly to Members’ feedback and priorities identified through the Annual Survey. These objectives are mainly new developments that we undertake in addition to our core activities.

Aim 1: strengthen recognition and representation for Learning Technology professionals from all sectors

  • Develop an ethical framework for professional practice in Learning Technology across sectors, for practitioners, researchers and leaders;

  • Develop ALT’s Membership Services to support greater engagement and collaboration with providers.

Aim 2: enhance professionalisation of Learning Technology nationally

  • Continue to provide guidance on accessibility through CPD activities and ALT’s role working as with the Further Higher Education Digital Accessibility Working Group;

  • Enhance the CMALT framework and practical support for Members gaining recognition through CMALT; especially Senior CMALT for leaders and managers.

Aim 3: increase the impact of Learning Technology for public benefit

  • Publish the data and findings from the ALT Annual Survey more widely, to enable Members to conduct their own analysis and use the survey within their own context;

  • Improve dissemination of research and practice from ALT Members via ALT’s activities and communication channels.

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