ALT runs projects in its own right and also together with project partners and other organisations. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Our projects and partnerships

  • AmplifyFE (funded by Ufi - the VocTech Trust)

    AmplifyFE connects 3000+ professionals in Further Education and Vocational Education. Established in 2020, our network links communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment. Through the partnership between the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and Ufi VocTech Trust, AmplifyFE supports professionals to share, collaborate and learn.

    The network enables vocational teaching staff to acquire, develop and share the digital and digital pedagogical skills they need, with the ultimate aim of catalysing change across the UK so that significant scale can be achieved in digital vocational learning for adults. As the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK, with nearly 30 years of experience in supporting such communities, ALT is well placed to lead on this development.

    If you'd like to learn more, please head to the dedicated AmplifyFE Website.

  • Towards a National Collection (funded by AHRC)
    Funded by UKRI’s Arts and Humanities Research Council, Towards a National Collection is supporting research that breaks down the barriers that exist between the UK’s outstanding cultural heritage collections, with the aim of opening them up to new research opportunities and encouraging the public to explore them in new ways. ALT is part of the Discovery Project: Our Heritage, Our Stories . 

Past Projects

  • Digital guide: getting started with online learning
    Advice and resources for the heritage sector – different ways to share your heritage online and help people to learn about the UK's history.The guide is produced by the Association for Learning Technology for The National Lottery Heritage Fund for the Digital Skills for Heritage initiative.

  • Human Data Interaction: The Future of Skills, Education and Training
    The Human Data Interaction (HDI) Network Plus is a 3-year programme of supported workshops and funding, structured along a series of core themes related to how people interact with data-driven systems and the implications of those interactions. ALT has been asked to join the Advisory Group for this project. So far, the project has successfully funded six projects on the themes of Intelligible AI and Beyond Smart Cities and we look forward to funding a further 21 projects under the banner of HDI. 

  • The Further/Higher Education (FHE) Digital Accessibility Working Group (FHEDAWG) ALT is a Member of this group, with a focus on stakeholder engagement and dissemination. 

  • Pathways to CMALT
    The new initiative helped incorporate the piloting of two new CMALT strands, for early career candidates, and for candidates in senior and leadership roles.
  • Blended Learning Essentials
    Blended Learning Essentials is a Futurelearn programme of coursescourse for the Vocational Education and Training sector commissioned by the Ufi Trust. It is a free online course designed for all working in further education, skills training, vocational education, workplace learning, lifelong learning or adult education. The course helps participants to understand the benefits of blended learning and how to make use of technolgy in teaching and assessment. The course offers different route to accreditation. We contributed to the project overall and specifically a route to CMALT accreditation. CMALT is a peer-based professional accreditation scheme. Reports from the project have now been published in the repository
  • Blended Learning Essentials: diagnostics tool
    We worked on a sister project in partnership with AELP which has developed a diagnostic tool which is designed to help employment and learning providers assess their approach to blended learning. 
  • Learning Futures
    Learning Futures is a £1 million learning technologies programme commissioned and funded by The Education and Training Foundation. The programme will run until September 2015 and will develop the capability and capacity of the education and training workforce to use learning technologies effectively in order to improve outcomes for learners and employers. ALT is a member of the Steering Group for the programme.

  • Innovate UK
    ALT is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Innovate UK project led by the Tinder Foundation.

  • Changing the Learning Landscape
    After its second year, Changing the Learning Landscape is about enabling higher education institutions in England, including colleges of further education providing higher education, to bring about change in their strategic approaches to technology in learning and teaching. The programme is funded by Hefce and led by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education in partnership with ALT, Higher Education Academy, Jisc and the National Union of Students. You can now download the final report here.
  • Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning
    The Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning project is developing an online course on how to make effective and efficient use of technology in teaching. It is aimed principally at supporting teachers in UK Higher Education, and will test the usefulness of the Massive Open Online Course approach for these learners. The course is being designed and delivered by a group of ALT members, supported by ALT staff and funded by the Innovation and Transformation Fund of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. Visit the ocTEL website for further information.
  • Maths4us initiative #maths4us
    Led by NIACE, a key partnership of national organisations will support a wide range of activities to raise awareness of the importance of maths as well as tackle some of the challenges help adults improve their maths skills. This initiative is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). ALT will be leading on establishing an index of maths apps building on the work under the Community-led Evaluation and Dissemination of Support Resources project.
    Visit the maths4us website for further details.
  • Gold Open Access project
    The Open Access Implementation Group has commissioned ALT to develop a 'living resource' of information, advice and guidance for stakeholders — and in particular for learned societies — on moving to and managing Gold Open Access for publishing UK research. This has been spurred by the Finch report and its clear policy direction towards 'Gold' OA publishing. For more details, please see the project page.
  • Jisc Developing Digital Literacies programme
    Developing Digital Literacies was a two-year Jisc-funded programme to promote the development of coherent, inclusive approaches to developing digital literacies across institutions of further and higher education. ALT was involved in the programme as a professional association, supporting activities to realise the benefits from the programme. Visit the past project page for resources.
  • The Transition to... Open Access
    This report describes and draws conclusions from the transition of the Association for Learning Technology’s journal Research in Learning Technology from toll-access to Open Access, and from being published by one of the 'big five' commercial publishers to being published by a specialist Open Access publisher. The focus of the report is on what happened in the run-up to and after the transition, rather than on the process of deciding to switch between publishing models, which is covered in in ALT's 2011 report 'Journal tendering for societies: a brief guide' -
  • The Lab Group
    The Lab Group, a collaboration between academic and commercial labs which undertake research and development in learning mediated by technology is currently dormant, with its website, which has archived assets of possible historical interest.
  • Community-led Evaluation and Dissemination of Support Resources – Pilot
    This Jisc-funded project focused on the Community-led Evaluation and Dissemination of Support Resources pilot system developed by ALT during 2011/2012. See the project report for further information.