ALT's Ethical Framework for Learning Technology in the making

What we value 2021

Work to establish ALT’s new ethical framework continues to progress. After the initial period of establishing the working group and holding regular meetings, we have now collected input and feedback which will inform the next phase of work. Our working group now has 95+ members including learners and representation from industry and continues to be led by ALT's Trustees Bella Abrams, Sharon Flynn and Natalie Lafferty.

We are now in the process of finalising the draft, and from May will consult on and then finalise the framework and tools for launch at the Annual Conference in September.

Here is an overview of the key dates and activities as well as an indication of what outputs we are aiming to create: 

Stay informed and get involved

This is an important development for our community and we are looking for your input to develop ALT's new framework. 
If you'd like to stay informed or get involved, please sign up here.  We are looking for:

  • input from staff, students and providers to inform the framework overall;
  • individuals and organisations to help road-test the framework;
  • existing research and frameworks to draw on.

Progress to date

Look back at what progress we have made to date: