How we are governed

ALT is charitable incorporated organisation. We are registered charity number 1160039 and we are governed in accordance with our constitution by a group of elected and coopted trustees.

Under our constitution the trustees are known collectively as the Board of Trustees, which meets approximately quarterly.

The Trustees set ALT's direction, and are responsible for ALT's strategy, and for the overall performance of the association.

A sub-committee of the Board of Trustees known as the General Purposes Committee, holds meetings by telephone conference approximately monthly.

Each year, following our annual general meeting, we report to the Charity Commission on our activities and submit our audited accounts.

An important principle in ALT is that all committee memberships are time-limited. The maximium period of membership of any committee is generally six years, and most memberships have to be renewed after three years. Thus there is always turnover in committee memberships, and there is a steady supply of vacancies, so that there are regular opportunities for new people to get involved in the work of ALT.