Learning technology is the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment.

Established in 1993, ALT is the UK's leading membership organisation in the learning technology field.

Our purpose is to ensure that use of learning technology is effective and efficient, informed by research and practice, and grounded in an understanding of the underlying technologies, their capabilities and the situations into which they are placed.

We do this by improving practice, promoting research, and influencing policy.

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2016 Annual Survey launches

01 December 2016
Today we are launching this year’s Annual Survey. This year the survey also includes a section on the next ALT strategy for 2017-2020. This is a key opportunity to help set priorities for the coming period. While this survey is primarily aimed at ALT members, it is open to anyone to complete. The...

Joining the ALT Online Winter Conference? We want to hear from you!

01 December 2016
Are you taking part in the ALT Online Winter Conference? Would you like to share your experience and what you have gained from it? Why not write an article for the ALT blog? The blog is read by over 2,000 readers and has over 400 subscriptions. You could connect with others others in your field, ...

OER17: Fixed-term vacancy

24 November 2016
We are seeking to recruit an individual to work specifically on the OER17 conference project, helping to deliver the event which takes place in London 5-6 April 2017. See  for more information. We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated individual with experience...