Update: ALT's Ethical Framework for Learning Technology

This is a recent update for the Working Group led by ALT's Trustees Bella Abrams, Sharon Flynn and Nathalie Lafferty.

Our aim is to support the development of ALT's Ethical Framework for Learning Technology. 
About this Working Group 
We have now had 23 sign ups from across sectors and from different countries to get involved and keep informed about this project, which is great news. The group continues to be open for sign ups, so feel free to share the link above with anyone who may be interested. 
We would now like to invite those of you who are keen to contribute actively to do so. Here is how you can contribute:
We are collating resources and references 
We have set up a folder of shared documents for the working group and have already added some of the links you have contributed. We are now inviting you  to contribute to this list, to help inform the work of the group. You can add links to resources, references, events and other organisations. 
We are holding monthly meetings for the Working Group
We are arranging monthly meetings of the working group, for 30min after the monthly ALT Assembly meetings. The next dates of the Assembly meetings are:
  • Wednesday 2 Dec 2020 12.30-13.30 Online    
  • Thursday 7 Jan 2021 12.30-13.30 Online
  • Wednesday 3 Feb 2021 12.30-13.30 Online
  • Thursday 4 Mar 2021 Half Day Format Online
  • Wednesday 14 Apr 2021 12.30-13.30 Online   
  • Thursday 6 May 2021 12.30-13.30 Online 
In order to join the Working Group Meetings, come along either during or at the end of the Assembly meetings via this link
Sharing our work
The Opening Plenary of the ALT Winter Conference is going to focus on this topic. The session is 10am on 15 December for 1 hour, see https://altc.alt.ac.uk/online2020/ . If you haven't already registered, we invite you to come along and register or apply for a free scholarship place.