Help shape ALT's Ethical Framework for Learning Technology

What we value
As part of ALT’s strategic aim to strengthen recognition and representation for Learning Technology professionals from all sectors, one of the priorities Members identified for this year is to develop an ethical framework for Learning Technology.

Building on ALT’s professional accreditation framework, CMALT, which was expanded to include ethical considerations for professional practice and research last year, our initial aim is for ALT to establish a framework that can be used as a starting point for informing the ethical use of Learning Technology by professionals, institutions and industry. We have received a lot of of input from the working group, including many links to resources and organisations that can help inform the framework and we have worked to define a set of ethical principles which will form the core of the new framework alongside tools including for example a checklist or reflective questionnaire, to help individuals, institutions and industry to see how these principles are put into action.

We are looking for your feedback and input via this questionnaire which is part of our process to help finalise the framework ahead of the launch in September.

Deadline: 9th June 2021. 

The need for such a framework has become increasingly urgent as Learning Technology has been adopted on a larger scale than ever before and as the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK, representing 3,500 Members, ALT is well placed to lead this effort.

Members of the initial working group led by ALT Trustees Bella Abrams, Sharon Flynn and Natalie Lafferty, now include nearly 100 individuals including learners and representatives from industry.

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