About this site

Maintenance, implementation, and hosting

The content of the site is maintained by the staff of ALT, and by individual ALT members with editing rights.

The site is implemented using two Open Source applications - Drupal and CiviCRM. Circle Interactive support the site under a commercial contract, while hosting is under a commercial contract between ALT and Positive Internet Ltd. The theme has been developed on the open source Gratis theme. 


This site has been designed to:

  • make limited use of graphics;
  • run adequately over slow connections;
  • render properly on a wide range of browsers and devices;
  • permit revisions by people who are not expert in HTML;
  • work well for people who are accessing the site with assistive technology, or who need to adjust the appearance of the site to make effective use of it. The site's Accessibility Statement provides more information on this issue.


We welcome feedback on the site. Please contact us to provide it.