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The #ALTC Blog

ALT publishes an online blog where members share news, opinions, case studies, reviews and other content. 

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Research in Learning Technology

The Open Access journal of the Association for Learning Technology

Research in Learning Technology (RLT)  is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal published by the Association for Learning Technology.

RLT aims to raise the profile of research in Learning Technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy.

RLT publishes articles in the following broad areas: technology enhanced learning, online learning, distance learning, mobile learning, flexible learning, wearable technologies, simulation, learning environments, learning spaces, pedagogy, open educational practice and social media.

ALT's Annual Survey

Our Annual Survey was established in 2014 to help map professional practice and development in Learning Technology and to chart how Learning Technology is used across sectors. It helps us understand current practice to better meet the needs of and represent our Members. 

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