About ALT

Learning technology is the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment.

Founded in 1993, ALT is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered charity number 1160039. We are the UK's leading membership organisation in the learning technology field. Our purpose is to ensure that use of learning technology is effective and efficient, informed by research and practice, and grounded in an understanding of the underlying technologies, their capabilities and the situations into which they are placed.

We do this by improving practice, promoting research, and influencing policy, through bringing together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in learning technology.

Currently ALT has as members over 2000 individuals and around 200 organisations, including universities, colleges, Government departments, agencies, and software, hardware, and e-learning businesses.

Our work is supported by a small staff team based in Oxford in the UK.

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Our context

ALT works in a changing environment alongside a wide range of organisations across the UK and internationally. Within this changing landscape ALT’s independence makes it well-placed to provide a stable, consistent, and integrative voice. Global developments in social, technological, political and economic terms shape the role of learning technology and make the need for collaboration and knowledge exchange more urgent. With the increasing importance of learning technology the role of ALT and its community changes as our engagement with research, practice and policy extends.

Setting priorities

ALT is a small organisation with limited resources. We have no core funding from central agencies. All our resources are derived from our own activities and membership. To develop our strategy we need to ensure viability. Alongside this overall strategy ALT develops an annual operational and financial plan with this aim in mind.

Note: Until 9 September 2015 ALT operated as registered charity number 1063519.