What we do

What we do

Aim 1: Increase the impact of Learning Technology for public benefit

For policy makers and the wider community in the UK and internationally

  • Continue to publish Open Access research and practice

  • Advocate for open practice and policy

  • Enable Members to disseminate their collective expertise to policy makers

  • Host and disseminate Creative Commons licensed Learning Technology resources licensed for sharing and reuse

  • Support Special Interest Groups that are open to all

  • Organise free and open online events showcasing the expertise of our community

  • Liaise with networks and organisations with similar aims and values.

Aim 2: Provide stronger recognition of and representation for Learning Technology professionals on a national level

For organisations like universities, colleges, schools, industry, private training and apprenticeship providers from across sectors

  • Enhance the recognition of CMALT through alignment with national frameworks

  • Representing and responding on behalf of the Membership in policy consultations, organising policy boards and supporting Member Groups focused on policy in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

  • National recognition through the Learning Technologist of the Year Awards, established for over 10 years

  • Provide strategic information to Members through collaboration with partners in the UK and internationally

  • Build stronger links to Learning Technology teacher training, degree and research programmes

  • Continue to support and enhance our network to facilitate ┬ádiscussion and knowledge exchange.

Aim 3: Lead the professionalisation of research and practice in Learning Technology

For professionals whose work entails Learning Technology in leadership, management, research, academic, technical or support roles

  • Develop accreditation through the CMALT framework for senior as well as early career professionals

  • Support local Members Groups and mentoring schemes

  • Dissemination through national conferences with publication routes to Research in Learning Technology

  • Provide CPD activities including publications and research leading to Open Badges;

  • Produce, share and remix openly licensed resources for learning, teaching and assessment using the ALT Open Access Repository

  • Provide regular news including job & events listings

  • Showcase practice & research at online events and webinars.

We work across the UK and beyond

ALT is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, number 1160039. We represent Members from all parts of the UK, including the devolved nations. We work together with other professional bodies and sector organisations in the UK in order to achieve our aims and generate the strongest impact for our Members.

Learning Technology research and practice expands beyond national frontiers, and in order to serve our Membership as effectively as possible we collaborate actively with a global network of partners. We welcome international liaison and always seek new ways to help inform and connect our community more widely.