Games and Learning SIG

The ALT Games and Learning SIG (GLSIG) was established in October 2010.

The group is interested in the design, use and evaluation of games in practice, and the academic study of games and player communities and their potential contributions to learning. We also hope to provide opportunities for members to experiment with game-based techniques as part of the SIG activity.


The remit of this SIG is:

  1. To share research evidence and experiential practice in the area of games and learning.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion and collaboration to support the development of outputs such as journal articles, practitioner guidance, seminars, and research proposals.
  3. To create a supportive community for new practitioners and researchers in the field as well as those who are more established.


The SIG officers are Nicola Whitton (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Alex Moseley (University of Leicester).

Get involved

You can get involved in the SIG via the Ning site:

The interests of the SIG includes non-digital games, and the core focus is on their use with adults, including (but not limited to) FE, HE, workplace learning and lifelong learning. This Special Interest Group is intentionally tightly-focused on games and their relation to learning, on both theoretical and practical levels, and related fields such as the use of virtual worlds and simulations are not be part of the core focus, except where there is a clear and relevant game-based component.

For more details, please contact Nicola Whitton or Alex Moseley.