Sponsor and Partner Members

This page lists our Sponsoring Members.


Based in the UK, Ajenta create simple, cost effective communication tools, specialising in building e-learning and virtual classroom technology, telehealth and telemedicine platforms as well as corporate video conferencing platforms.

Vscene, is a service developed in partnership with Jisc, Ajenta now own and operate Vscene, which was developed specifically for the education and research sectors. Vscene enhances teaching and learning, supports research and facilitates collaboration, allowing you to establish links with otherorganisations or campuses, record lectures/classes, facilitate group work, assessments, remote students or those with mobility difficulties can participate in learning using the Vscene platform.



Contact Name: Andy Holohan
Contact Email: andy.holohan@blackboard.com

Blackboard is the world’s leading education technology company, bringing millions of people around the world closer to the knowledge they seek and the potential they can achieve. We build innovative education technologies and engaging interfaces focused on the learner; and we offer education consulting services, analytics and communication tools that support learning for all.

Website: www.blackboard.com

Twitter: @BlackboardEMEA

CoSector University of London

Bloom VLE, developed and supported by the software services team at CoSector – University of London (formally ULCC), has been offering customers Moodle & Mahara hosting and support solutions since 2006. We continually invest in research and development to better understand our customers and users, we then offer flexible cost-effective solutions to meet those needs. As part of the University of London we are able to leverage our knowledge and expertise to support learning technologists in their aims to provide the best student experience.


Contact Name: Louisa Dale
Contact Email: l.dale@jisc.ac.uk

Jisc is an independent education charity, owned by the Association of Colleges (AoC), GuildHE and Universities UK (UUK). We provide the UK higher education, further education and skills sectors support on the use of digital technologies. We provide advice and guidance through Jisc Advance and own a subsidiary company, Jisc Collections and Janet Limited, which provide an academic telecommunications network infrastructure and digital content services for over 19 million users across the UK.
Our vision is to make the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. We aim to achieve by enabling the education sector in the UK to perform at the forefront of international practice by exploiting fully the possibilities of modern digital empowerment, content and connectivity.

Sonic Foundry

Contact Name: Becky Bachman
Contact Email: becky.bachman@sonicfoundry.com

Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: SOFO, www.sonicfoundry.com) is a long-established rich media webcasting and knowledge management business.


The Positive Internet Company

Contact Name: Jake Jellinek
Contact Email: jj@positive-internet.com


Contact Name: Peter Eyre
Contact Email: Peter.eyre@vevox.com

Vevox is the award winning live polling and Q&A app designed to increase student engagement and knowledge retention through interaction. A Student Response System (SRS) accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer, Vevox is the simple to use engagement solution for the smartphone age. Vevox helps educators to gain instant student feedback, test knowledge, increase participation and above all give every student a voice. Used in 150+ countries by over 1500 businesses and educational institutions, winner of the 2018 Bett Award for higher education and the highest independently rated SRS system on the market (9.5 out 10 on Trustpilot.)