Sponsoring Members

This page lists our Sponsoring Members.

Blackboard Collaborate

Contact Name: Penny Thorn
Contact Email: Penny.Thorn@blackboard.com

Blackboard Learn

Contact Name: Frans van Eck
Contact Email: frans.vaneck@blackboard.com

CCKF Limited

Contact Name: George Mitchell
Contact Email: george.mitchell@cckf-it.com


Contact Name: Steve Milligan
Contact Email: steve.milligan@collab8.com

CoSector University of London

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Contact Name: John McLaughlin
Contact Email: john.mclaughlin@bis.gsi.gov.uk


Contact Name: Heather Hennessy
Contact Email: heather.hennessy@d2l.com


Contact Name: Linda Storey
Contact Email: lstorey@echo360.com


Contact Name: Edward Baker
Contact Email: ed@edmix.com




Contact Name: Louisa Dale
Contact Email: l.dale@jisc.ac.uk

Jisc is an independent education charity, owned by the Association of Colleges (AoC), GuildHE and Universities UK (UUK). We provide the UK higher education, further education and skills sectors support on the use of digital technologies. We provide advice and guidance through Jisc Advance and own a subsidiary company, Jisc Collections and Janet Limited, which provide an academic telecommunications network infrastructure and digital content services for over 19 million users across the UK.
Our vision is to make the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. We aim to achieve by enabling the education sector in the UK to perform at the forefront of international practice by exploiting fully the possibilities of modern digital empowerment, content and connectivity.


Contact Name: Stuart Bowness
Contact Email: stuart@mediacore.com

Meetoo powered by Lumi

Contact Name: Jon Fowler
Contact Email: jon.fowler@meetoo.io

Meetoo is a student response system that makes it easy for educators to increase participation, measure comprehension and identify knowledge gaps.

Create polls and publish results to your students’ phones instantly with the intuitive Meetoo PowerPoint add-in. Hear questions and comments from every student using Meetoo’s real-time discussion board (with optional moderation).

Instantly see which topics need more explanation by polling students with multiple choice questions. Display results on each students’ device and download results to Excel for an easy summary of the lecture.

With Meetoo, It’s easy to increase participation and student understanding at every lecture.


Contact Name: Rebecca Avery
Contact Email: ravery@panopto.com

Founded in 2007 with technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Panopto, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated audio, screen and video capture software for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets.

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Contact Name: Martyn Ware
Contact Email: martyn.ware@sqa.org.uk

Skills Funding Agency

Contact Name: Stephen Nichols
Contact Email: stephen.nichols@skillsfundingagency.bi

Sonic Foundry

Contact Name: Becky Bachman
Contact Email: becky.bachman@sonicfoundry.com

Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: SOFO, www.sonicfoundry.com) is a long-established rich media webcasting and knowledge management business.


TechSmith Cooperation

Contact Name: Dave McCollom
Contact Email: d.mccollom@techsmith.com

The Positive Internet Company

Contact Name: Jake Jellinek
Contact Email: jj@positive-internet.com