Anti-Racism and Learning Technology SIG


The ALT Anti-racism and Learning Technology Special Interest Group was established in Nov 2021.  ARLT SIG will provide a platform for tackling sectorial racism. Outside ALT, members have been active as a group since Nov 2020. To date, there are three active groups within the SIG: Recruitment and Development, Research Connected Activities, and Guidance for Content Developers.



  • The group operates as a community of practice to empower and connect all members to be allies in creating an anti-racist community by sharing best practices, testing new ways of influencing learning technology and sharing lived experiences within a safe space.
  • The group advocates for anti-racism within the wider learning technology community by recognising the diversity of voices and experiences in learning technology, building a sense of belonging within the community, and influencing anti-racist teaching practice with a variety of activities.
  • The group provides a forum for members to discuss and progress anti-racist activities. This includes work focused on recruitment, developing staff, research, creating guidance for the community, and raising the learning technology community’s awareness of issues such as bias in technologies.

In common with ALT Members Groups and SIGs this group will:

  • Support activities in line with ALT’s strategic aims
  • Share ALT’s values of being participative, open, collaborative, innovative, inclusive, and transparent


Principles for the group

All group activities will follow five established community principles:

  1. Use welcoming and inclusive language
  2. Be respectful of different viewpoints and experiences
  3. Be allies to each other and beyond
  4. Be active listeners
  5. Be conscious and respectful of the difficulty of sharing personal or sensitive stories



  • Co-chair, Dr Monica Chavez, City of  Liverpool College
  • Co-chair, Dr Teeroumanee Nadan, Independent Researcher on International, Inclusive & Digital HigherEd
  • Secretary, Stella Ekebuisi, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • External Promotion Lead, Matt Lingard, London College of Communication
  • Events Officer, Chris Rowell, University of the Arts London 
  • Internal Promotion Lead, Dr Tania Dias Fonseca, Kingston University


Get Involved

To join the Antiracism and Learning Technology SIG as an active member in any of the subgroups, please sign up on the SIG Google Form, you will subsequently receive a link to join our Slack project workspace.
You can contact the SIG via
To find out more about the group and stay up to date on our latest events, go to the Anti Racism and Learning Technology Special Interest Group webspace, which has further information on our meeting dates, blogs, resources, and committee members.