FELT Resources


ALT’s Framework for Ethical Learning Technology (FELT) is designed to support individuals, organisations and industry in the ethical use of learning technology across sectors. The following resources are openly available.

Framework Overview


Resources for individuals

  • FELT Reflective Self-Assessment: You can use this assessment tool to reflect on a particular project, a new tool or platform or you can use it to focus on a particular aspect of your work. We encourage all Learning Technology professionals to undertake this self-assessment to reflect on their professional practice in relation to FELT’s four core areas. Based on the outcome, you can then move on to complete individual sections focused on particular aspects of your practice.
    The self-assessment is mapped to the CMALT accreditation framework and this is indicated throughout the assessment. 
    Note: Online submissions are not yet open. In the meantime, please use the FELT Reflective Self-Assessment document template. 


Resources for teams/groups