M25 Learning Technology Group

CC-BY-SA Bob McCaffrey https://flic.kr/p/5Tuv5b

The M25 Learning Technology group (M25-LTG) is a regional forum primarily for Learning Technology staff in London Higher Education institutions and has been running since 2001. The group became an ALT Regional Interest Group in May 2012.


The M25-LT group meets three times a year and utilises the meetings and a Jiscmail list to:

  • Share good practice, resources, demos and success stories
  • Brief each other on areas of new technologies
  • Discuss common issues and possible solutions
  • Identify common areas of interest for collaboration and formation of special interest groups
  • Establish a community of Learning Technology staff.



Chair: Julie Voce, City, University of London

  • Anna Armstrong, University of London
  • Evan Dickerson
  • Geraldine Foley, City, University of London
  • Sonja Grussendorf, London School of Economics
  • Sue Harrison, King's College London
  • Leo Havemann, University College London
  • Danielle Johnstone, King's College London
  • Jason Norton, University College London
  • Peter Roberts, Goldsmiths, University of London

For further information, please contact Julie Voce (Julie.voce@city.ac.uk).

Get involved

You can join the M25-LTG Jiscmail list.

You can also follow M25-LTG conversations on Twitter:.