Immersive Technologies SIG

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The ALT Immersive Technologies Special Interest Group was established in March 2020. The SIG will explore the use of immersive technologies as part of the student experience and the opportunities for academic colleagues to engage with the immersive experience. It is hoped that the SIG will also explore the notion of 'students as partners' in the development, procurement and use of digital technologies, especially those used indirectly for the purposes of assessment. 


  • To support academic colleagues to work on change projects in order to innovate and enhance the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), or other systems considered to be ‘immersive technologies’, in academic practice.
  • To encourage and support the development and use of immersive technologies in all aspects of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
  • To increase colleague engagement in the use of VRAR technologies.
  • To support the widening use of immersive technologies to enhance pedagogical practice.



The SIG officers are:

  • Chair: Phil Sayer (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Co-Chair: Dee Vyas (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Group Secretary: Pauline Barker (City of Glasgow College)
  • Jenny Crow (University of Glasgow)
  • Ruth Clark (Leeds Conservatoire)
  • Dr Graham McElearney (University of Sheffield)
  • Dan Axson (University of Sussex)
  • Dr Debbie Holley (University of Bournemouth)


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Community Space

We are developing a dedicated community space and blog which will be available here soon.