Developing Digital Literacies

Developing Digital Literacies (DLL) was a two-year Jisc-funded programme (2012-2013) to promote the development of coherent, inclusive approaches to developing digital literacies across institutions of further and higher education. ALT was involved in the programme as a supporting partner.

ALT contributions

ALT contributed to DLL in the following ways (these resources and information can be found at:
  • CMALT, professional development and the UKPSF.
  • Scholarship and Literacies in a Digital Age, a Special Issue of the Research in Learning Technology journal.
  • Delivery of a series of webinars (with the Institute for Education).
  • Blog posts about digital literacies published in the ALT newsletter.
  • Conference sessions in 2012 and 2013 at ALT’s annual conference.
  • Related content on ocTEL, the Open Course on Technology Enhanced Learning.

Broader programme resources

Programme resources are available on Jisc’s Design Studio page, including: 
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