ALT Assembly

ALT Values

The ALT Assembly was established in 2019 and is the overarching committee advising the ALT Board of Trustees. The Assembly is chaired by the President of ALT and serviced by the Membership and Professional Development Manager.  It provides greater representation of Members and in particular Member groups. 

The role of the Assembly is to:

1. Advise the Board of Trustees from a membership perspective;

2. Provide a forum for communication and collaboration for all Groups and Committees within the Association

3. Provide input from the membership to the work of the Association including to policy consultation responses, surveys, the development of services such as the CMALT scheme

ALT Assembly Terms of Reference 2020

Assembly Committee Meetings

Online meetings take place online via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, with two meetings a year being face to face. The Committee meeting room is always open and available. 

Link to join the meeting

Members of the Assembly are invited to attend and share updates.

Meeting dates are listed on the events page. Assembly Members will also receive an email invitation in advance of each meeting. 

Assembly Meeting Notes

The Assembly works openly and collaboratively. The Assembly is supported by a shared Notes and Agenda document which all members have access to : 

Please note : Chairs for the online Assembly meetings may vary

Who is a Member of the Assembly?

Participation is welcomed from Members currently involved in: 

All members are welcome to attend assembly meetings however the following are noted as contributing to the Assembly with regard to a specific role in relation to the activities outlined above.

Current Members of the ALT Assembly June 2021

Bella Abrams
Mark Ayton
Debbie Baff
Pauline Barker
Richard Beggs
Frances Bell
Elizabeth Bennett
Lucy Bromfield
James Brunton
Peter Bryant
Lorna Campbell
Elizabeth Charles
Monica Chavez
Matt Cornock
John Couperthwaite
Linda Creanor
Vicki Dale
Jenny Dettmer
Neil Dixon
Craig Dooley
Shonagh Douglas
Louise Drumm
Sheila Egan
Shirley Egan
Roger Emery
Shirley Evans
Scott Farrow
Michael Flavin
Sharon Flynn
Josie Fraser
Robin Gissing
Rich Goodman
Jenny Greene
Cat Hallam
Sarah Honeychurch
David Hopkins
Rob Howe
Jess Humphreys
Chris Jones
Louise Jones
Natalie Lafferty
Elizsabetta Lando
Farzana Latif
Matt Lingard
Caroline Lloyd
Teresa MacKinnon
Tucker MacNeill
Manish Malik
Sam May
James McDowell
Graham McElearney
Chris Morrison
Julie Mulvey
Malcolm Murray
Helen O'Sullivan
Dewi Parry
Richard Price
Graeme Redshaw
Uwe Richter
Angelica Risquez
Phil Sayer
Seb Schmoller
Jane Secker
Sarah Sherman
Keith Smyth
Denise Sweeney
Kelly Terrell
Claire Thomson
Simon Thomson
Jim Turner
Tunde Varga-Atkins
Julie Voce
Dee Vyas
Ros Walker
David White
Catherine Wilkinson
Gail Wilson
Joe Wilson


You can read more about the changes Members have voted for at and if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at