ALT Members Assembly

Our Members Assembly is the overarching committee advising the ALT Board of Trustees. It provides representation of Members, and Member Groups in particular, and is chaired by the President of ALT. The role of the Assembly is to:

  • Advise the Board of Trustees from a membership perspective
  • Provide a forum for communication and collaboration for all Groups and Committees within the Association
  • Provide input from the membership to the work of the Association including to policy consultation responses, surveys, the development of services such as the CMALT scheme


Assembly Meetings

The Assembly meets regularly online and meetings are open to all Members of ALT. Members of the Assembly are encouraged to attend and share updates. Dates for upcoming meetings are listed on the Events page. Assembly Members will receive an email invitation in advance of each meeting via the Assembly mailing list. 

Joining the Assembly Mailing List

The Assembly mailing list is private and only subscribers are able to send emails to and receive emails from it. To subscribe, visit ALT-ASSEMBLY@JISCMAIL.AC.UK.

Please direct all other enquiries related to the Assembly, to

Who is a Member of the Assembly?

All Members are welcome to join meetings of the Assembly. Current role holders are formal Members of the Assembly according to its Terms of Reference (ALT Assembly Terms of Reference 2020)