Digital Transformation

Association of Learning Technology (ALT) announce “Digital Transformation” - a new programme in collaboration with ITN Business

Launch: 6th–8th September 2022 at the ALT Annual Conference

Association of Learning Technology (ALT) and ITN Business are producing a news-style programme “Digital Transformation,” exploring the potential of digital technology in education and industry and its impact on approaches to learning.

In March 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the educational landscape dramatically as the world saw an acceleration in the adoption of digital technology and remote learning models. A survey conducted by ALT shows that 66% of its members are now using blended and hybrid models in the classroom. "Digital Transformation” will delve into the latest learning technologies and strategies enabling change and will highlight the importance of investment in both the right infrastructure and the people behind the tech.

Anchored by an ITN Business presenter from the ITN London Studios, the programme will provide insight into the role of the learning technologist and the importance of addressing the current skills gap and upskilling staff.  Industry experts will share thoughts on the next stages of digital learning, accessibility to technology for all in education and the impact of Edtech on environmental sustainability.

Combining expert interviews, news items and inspirational reporter led sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations, “Digital Transformation” will premiere at the ALT Annual Conference on 6th-8th September 2022. The programme will form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring ALT members and networks and ITN Business.

Maren Deepwell, CEO, Association of Learning Technology said: “This year is a watershed moment for digital education as we transform a crisis response into an effective and ethical future. Our Members are at the forefront of shaping policy and practise for what’s ahead. This is a moment of hope, as we emerge from a global pandemic, but also one of uncertainty and challenges which the expertise and experience of our community can help us navigate.

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of Industry News, ITN Business said: “We are delighted to be making a second programme with ALT to showcase the positive impact of digital technology in education and the people enabling the change.  We hope the programme provides a platform to inspire others, through expert advice and examples of successful digital integration, to implement change for the better.”

Watch the Showcase and explore the programme

You can now explore the full programme and watch the showcase with all the highlights below:

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