ALT Staff Team

Here are the members of the ALT staff team and colleagues whom we work with on specific projects or initiatives. Interested in working for ALT? Check our current vacancies.

Maren Deepwell

Chief Executive

Maren is ALT's Chief Executive and leads the staff team. Maren works with members, stakeholders and policy makers to deliver ALT's strategy.

Jane Frankel

Finance Officer

Jane looks after all day to day finance.

Martin Hawksey

Chief Innovation, Community and Technology Officer

Martin is a senior member of staff and his work focuses on developing ALT's use of technology, our members' community services and innovation projects.

Jane Marsh

Events Manager

Jane manages all of our Events including the Open Education and Annual Conferences.

Thomas Palmer

Membership Manager

Tom manages ALT's membership services and the CMALT accreditation scheme.

Kristina Petersen

Communications and Support Officer

Kristina provides administrative support for all of ALT's activities, with a particular focus on communications and publications.