A special thank you to ALT's Journal Editors

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Since ALT's Open Access journal, Research in Learning Technology, has re-opened for submissions in July, eight original articles have been published and dozens of submissions received. We are now looking to approaching a steady state for the operation of the journal in partnership with Open Academia on the journal's new home

Taking more ownership of the journal’s content and associated data will provide more continuity for authors and readers alike, ensuring that the growing body of research and evidence continues to be a valuable resource for ALT Members and the wider community.

A special thank you to the Editorial Team

The work of ALT is largely led by Members who give up their time to get actively involved and lead ALT's governance and activities across sectors. It is always important to acknowledge how much Members contribute, but sometimes a special thank you is in order. That is why all the Trustees of the Association led by Prof Neil Morris, Chair of the Editorial Board, would now take this opportunity to say a thank you to the Editors of the journal, Lesley Diack, Amanda Jefferies, Peter Reed, Fiona Smart and Gail Wilson.

Throughout the unprecedented difficulties with the journal the Editors as a group have played a key part in supporting the journal during this year of transition and their tireless efforts have ensured that we have weathered the transition as well as possible and supporting authors and readers throughout. The journal aims to raise the profile of research in learning technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy. The governance and editorial leadership of the journal has not changed and you can see full information about the Editors and the Editorial Team here

Further information


The Journal will continue to be available as an Open Access journal and its new website is at https://journal.alt.ac.uk/index.php/rlt/index.
You can now access the full archive and recent articles. 


All authors who have an active manuscript in submission have now been contacted and the journal is now open for submissions


Two transitions within a six-month period can have caused all kinds of issues. We are doing our best to work through re-directs for old links and data for authors, but if you do spot any problems, please help us by reporting them to enquiries@alt.ac.uk. Thank you.