Special Call for a new Honorary Treasurer

The Trustees of the Association are seeking to appoint a new Honorary Treasurer. The current incumbent, Haydn Blackey, is coming to the end of his term in September 2015. This is a Special Call in addition to the annual call for nominations for new Trustees and a new Vice-Chair of ALT which will be published later this year. Individuals who express an interest in response to this call may be elected or co-opted as a Trustee of ALT. 
The Honorary Treasurer is a Trustee of ALT and a member of the Central Executive Committee . In addition to the wider role of being a Trustee, this role specifically involves:
  • oversight of ALT’s financial operations and reporting;
  • presenting financial reports to the Central Executive Committee;
  • presenting the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting;
  • working closely with the Chair and Chief Executive on ALT’s financial strategy.
The Trustees are seeking to appoint an individual with a strong overall interest in ALT’s aims and values as set out in the 2014-17 strategy. Experience of charity governance or finance would be an advantage, but common sense and a commitment to serving ALT’s members are more important. 
You can find out more about the role of ALT’s Trustees and their election here. Trustees are normally elected for a 3 year term. The role is not renumerated, but ALT covers travel and associated costs as needed. Trustees have to be Ordinary or Certified Members of ALT in good standing. All Trustees appointed in 2015 will transition to ALT in its new status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).
To express an interest please email ALT’s Chief Executive, Maren Deepwell, maren.deepwell@alt.ac.uk with your details and a short statement about why you would like to be considered for this role.
Closing date: 12pm (GMT) 1st May 2015