Pathways to CMALT pilot groups underway

CMALT is important to me because...

Pathways to CMALT (Certified Membership of ALT) is a major project to expand the CMALT accreditation framework and establish new ways to recognise and reward career development and  recently published findings from ALT’s Annual Survey show that ‘staff development opportunities’ and ‘recognition for career development’ are increasingly recognised as key drivers for the use of learning technology.

This reflects the changing environment since CMALT was established over ten years ago. As technology becomes ever more fundamental to how education is delivered, managed, and experienced, the importance of CMALT accreditation, in terms both of individual recognition and development, and of building institutional capacity, is increasingly apparent.

CMALT is a peer-based professional accreditation scheme that helps people whose work involves learning technology to:
have their experience and capabilities certified by peers
demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development

The ALT Strategy 2017-20 commits us to pilot two new pathways to CMALT: one for early career candidates or candidates for whom learning technology is a smaller part of their role; and one for more experienced candidates and those whose role includes management/leadership or research focus.

Over the past six months we have been consulting widely with ALT’s membership on the development, including through:
face-to-face and online consultation workshops and focus groups
collaborative consultation documents
ALT Annual Survey 2017
CMALT Survey 2017 (circulated to CMALT holders)

We have had valuable input from members, helping us to identify key stakeholders, priorities, and concerns, and prepare to run pilot groups for the new CMALT pathways. We are now progressing in our work to expand ALT’s Certified Membership scheme, and the first pilot groups are underway.

The pilot groups will help to establish examples to be included in guidance for the new pathway for candidates and assessors, and a group of peer-assessors able to assess portfolios submitted in the new pathways. The first pilots are now underway, and we will be running further cohorts over the coming months.

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