2015 Trustee nominations

Following the Call for Nominations issued in May for: 1) Vice-Chair of the Association (who becomes Chair, then President in successive years) to serve three years; 2) Trustees to serve three years (two vacancies) the following nominations have been received. The nominations have been unopposed and appointments will be confirmed at the AGM on 9 September 2015. The Agenda for the AGM will be issued on or prior to Tuesday 25 August 2015


Professor Martin Weller, Open University

Election address:

I have been involved with educational technology since 1995, and have been closely involved with many of the main developments. I created the Open University’s 1st elearning course in 1999 with 12,000 students, I was the VLE Director in 2002, I worked with learning objects, and the OER. I have blogged since 2005, and written and researched extensively on digital scholarship. I was involved with many of the early MOOC developments, and currently lead the OER Research Hub. I am co-editor on the open access journal JIME, and my last two books have both been published under an open access licence.

As such I feel that I have had direct experience of leading on the main developments in learning technology over the past 20 years. This has been a period of great change in education, and during this period we have seen educational technology become part of mainstream practice. It is important for those in education to maintain both a critical stance and also seize the opportunity offered by new technologies. Organisations such as ALT are vital in helping all educators engage appropriately with technology for the benefit of their students. Over the years I have been a regular attendee at ALT-C & have recently co-chaired OER15, which we brought in under the ALT umbrella. It would be an honour to work alongside them in a more formal context.


Trustee vacancies

Professor Neil Morris, University of Leeds

Election address:

I am a Professor of Education Technology at the University of Leeds, and Director of Digital Learning for the University. I have a strong interest in the appropriate use of learning technologies to enhance student education, and I am passionate about working with ALT to support student education. I am a Member of the Committee for Communication and Publications and a Member of the Editorial Board for Research in Learning Technology.


Daniel Clark, Head of Online Programmes at BPP Business School

Election address:

I am currently Head of Online Programmes at BPP Business School and, like many ALT members, operate in a space between the academic and technology worlds. I have been a member of ALT for two years and in that time have found that it bridges the gap very well and is an invaluable source of advice, networking and ideas. I see a very strong need for a membership-based body to provide a voice for those working in learning technology as higher education makes the often painful transition to increased use of technology and teaching online. I am therefore keen to make a contribution to the successful management of ALT.

In terms of my background, I have several years’ experience of working in online and technology-enhanced education, but am also a qualified Chartered Accountant. Before moving into higher education I spent fifteen years in a range of finance and management roles and also have extensive experience teaching topics relating to finance, risk and governance. I would therefore expect to make a specific contribution as honorary treasurer to the organisation if I were elected.


All nominations have been unopposed and appointments will be confirmed at the AGM on 9 September 2015. The Agenda for the AGM will be issued on or prior to Tuesday 25 August 2015​.