CMALT support

This is information for CMALT candidates who are registered for CMALT and who are submitting or re-submitting their portfolio.

If you are a CMALT holder or a CMALT assesor, you can find help here:

Guidance for candidates

You can download the Guidelines for CMALT candidates and assessors [updated April 2016], which gives detailed guidelines on requirements for the CMALT portfolio and the assessment process. You can also download the assessment form used by CMALT assessors.

Webinars, Youtube and shared portfolios 

CMALT webinars for candidates are designed to provide information and support to candidates starting on and/or aiming to complete their portfolios in the next few months. They provide an overview of the submission process, advice on how to complete a portfolio and an opportunity to see how the assessment process works. There is also time for individual questions at the end of each session.Find out dates and book your place or watch a recording (see a list of recent sessions below):

There are some short videos on CMALT and the CMALT portfolio on Youtube

Some CMALT holders share their portfolios openly with other ALT Members. You will need to be logged in to the ALT website as a Member to view the list of shared CMALT portfolios.

Submitting a portfolio

There are three submission windows throughout the year. You may submit your portfolio by:

  • 31 January for assessment during February, March and April and assessment result in May

  • 31 May  for assessment during June, July and August and assessment result in September

  • 30 September for assessment during October, November and December and assessment result in January.

Find out more by reading the submission information.

Submit your portfolio by using this submission form. You will receive a confirmation by email.