Membership fees

To join ALT, complete the relevant online membership form. Apply online now . For a full overview of benefits and entitlements click here

Individual Membership fees 2017

Membership for individuals £54
Membership for individuals - reduced rate for full-time students, unemployed, retired £29
Certified Membership (CMALT Holders) £79
Certified Membership (CMALT Holders) - reduced rate for full-time students, unemployed, retired* £49
Associate Member (employees of Organisational and Sponsoring Members ONLY) free

Organisational Membership fees 2017

  Annual fee
Higher Education         
Band 1-2   (A-B)         £963
Band 3-4   (C-D) £720
Band 5-7   (E-G) £535
Band 8-10 (H-J) £395
Non HE Education and large Public Sector organisations*  
Band C-D £506
Band E-G £374
Band H-J £263
Small charitable, educational and Public Sector organisations (incl. schools)  
All £200
Commercial organisations  
Annual turnover  
£1m + £700
£0.5m - £1m £400
Up to £0.5m £200
Sponsoring and Partner Members £1390

Reduced rate: We offer a reduced rate for Members and Certified Members who are full-time students, retired or unemployed. Proof of eligibility is required

Blended Learning Consortium member offer: Blended Learning Consortium member colleges ( ALT are entitled to a reduced-rate registration fee until 31 July 2018. See further information

Associate Membership: Free Associate Membership is available to all employees of Organisational and Sponsoring Members. Proof of eligibility is required.

Certified Membership (retired): Retired Certified Members will not be required to update their portfolio every 3 years. Retired Certified Members may continue to act as assessors for a period of at least 3 years after retirement.

Jisc Banding: For UK universities and colleges you can find your band by going to: Example: If your college is FE in Band C-D, you pay £506. For organisations other than HE and FE organisations we agree, flexibly, an annual fee based on the organisation's turnover. In case of difficulty, contact us.

Ways to pay

  • Online payments:
    You can join ALT as a member or renew your membership online using our secure payment processor. You will automatically receive a receipt for your payment and a confirmation e-mail.
  • Other ways to pay:
    Organisations who are unable to make payment online can select to receive an invoice when completing the online membership form.