Membership fees

To join ALT, complete the relevant online membership form. Apply online now . For a full overview of benefits and entitlements click here

Individual Membership fees 2019

Membership for individuals £55
Membership for individuals - reduced rate for full-time students, unemployed, retired £30
Certified Membership (CMALT Holders) £81
Certified Membership (CMALT Holders) - reduced rate for full-time students, unemployed, retired* £50
Associate Member (employees of Organisational and Sponsoring Members ONLY) free

Organisational Membership fees 2019

  Annual fee
Higher Education         
Band 1-2   (A-B)         £982
Band 3-4   (C-D) £734
Band 5-7   (E-G) £546
Band 8-10 (H-J) £403
Non HE Education and large Public Sector organisations*  
Band C-D £516
Band E-G £381
Band H-J £268
Small charitable, educational and Public Sector organisations (incl. schools)  
All £204
Commercial organisations  
Annual turnover  
£1m + £714
£0.5m - £1m £408
Up to £0.5m £204
Sponsoring and Partner Members £1420

Reduced rate: We offer a reduced rate for Members and Certified Members who are full-time students, retired or unemployed. Proof of eligibility is required

Family leave: Individual Members of ALT can defer their membership for up to 12 months whilst on family leave. Members wishing to defer their membership should notify ALT in writing at

Associate Membership: Free Associate Membership is available to all employees of Organisational and Sponsoring Members. Proof of eligibility is required.

Certified Membership (retired): Retired Certified Members will not be required to update their portfolio every 3 years. Retired Certified Members may continue to act as assessors for a period of at least 3 years after retirement.

Jisc Banding: For UK universities and colleges you can find your band by going to: Example: If your college is FE in Band C-D, you pay £506. For organisations other than HE and FE organisations we agree, flexibly, an annual fee based on the organisation's turnover. In case of difficulty, contact us.

Ways to pay

  • Online payments:
    You can join ALT as a member or renew your membership online using our secure payment processor. You will automatically receive a receipt for your payment and a confirmation e-mail.
  • Other ways to pay:
    Organisations who are unable to make payment online can select to receive an invoice when completing the online membership form.