CMALT Committee

The CMALT Committee was formed in 2024. The full CMALT Committee Terms of Reference can be found here.

Members of the CMALT Committee are appointed to:

  • Represent ALTs Members, CMALT candidates and assessors;
  • Contribute to the development of ALT’s CMALT accreditation scheme and assessment process;
  • Share feedback and experiences that will help the development and improvement of the scheme;
  • Feedback on proposed developments and changes to the scheme.


The current CMALT Committee: 

Richard Beggs
Andy Blackall
Darren Gash
Abbi Shaw
Sammy White
Matt Cornock
Julie Voce
Hennie Yip
Devampika Getkahn
Vicky Devaney
Laurie Wilson
Jade Kimberley
Karisha Kimone George
Sharon Flynn, Trustee
Puiyin Wong, Trustee