Submitting a portfolio

How to submit

You should submit your portfolio using the following link:

CMALT Submission Form

NOTE: You can only access the submission form if you are logged in and currently registered as a CMALT candidate or Certified Member. If you encounter difficulties, email

If you don't have a URL to your portfolio, for example if it is in Word or some other format, you can still send it to us as an attachment at (max 25MB) after you have completed the form.

When submitting your portfolio it should either be a single file or a zipped collection of files (for instance to include evidence).  As many email systems block large attachments this should not exceed 10Mb. Please be aware that assessors may not have access to specialist tools, and it is therefore best to avoid proprietary formats.

Changes to CMALT Assessment Deadlines for 2022

Due to the continued pressure our  community is facing in these uncertain times, many of our CMALT Assessors are being called upon to reprioritise workload, may be experiencing ill health or having to take on additional care responsibilities during this difficult period.

To support candidates and assessors better, we have moved back the January 31st deadline to April 30th. For now, the 31st May and 30th September deadlines remain unchanged.

We apologise for the longer than usual assessment times, but we hope you understand that we are taking these actions in order to ensure the quality of the peer assessment process.

Portfolios submitted for 30 September 2021

All portfolios already submitted for the 30th September 2021 assessment window are currently being assessed, but the peer assessment process is progressing slower than usual with fewer assessors able to take part. We aim to provide results for all candidates by the end of April 2022. We will send out results as we have them, and will try to update you as soon as possible.

Early Submissions for Next Assessment Deadline

We are now accepting submissions for the deadline of 30th April 2022.  If you have already submitted early for the original January deadline we will contact you separately in this respect.

Next submission windows (April and May 2022)

The next submission deadlines are now 30th April and 31 May 2022.  Assessment processing for this period will take place over the summer with results issued as soon as possible.

We will continue to review and monitor the situation and keep you updated accordingly. If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact us.