Research Proceedings

Special Issue of Research in Learning Technology

Editorial: Riding giants: how to innovate and educate ahead of the wave
by Steven Verjans, Gail Wilson
(Published: 28 August 2014)

Riding tandem: an organic and collaborative approach to research in vocational education and training
by Cathy Ellis, Alec Dyer, Dominic Thompson
(Published: 28 August 2014)

Riding the wave of BYOD: developing a framework for creative pedagogies
by Thomas Cochrane, Laurent Antonczak, Helen Keegan, Vickel Narayan
(Published: 28 August 2014)

Addressing the challenges of a new digital technologies curriculum: MOOCs as a scalable solution for teacher professional development
by Rebecca Vivian, Katrina Falkner, Nickolas Falkner
(Published: 28 August 2014)

The academic journey of university students on Facebook: an analysis of informal academic-related activity over a semester
by Rebecca Vivian, Alan Barnes, Ruth Geer, Denise Wood
(Published: 28 August 2014)