Women in the Open: Experiences, perspectives and approaches

Women are leading and participating in great achievements in the Open Movement, and we have much more to contribute. Javiera Atenas, Frances Bell and Caroline Kuhn will facilitate speakers and other participants in exploring our topic during this free webinar.

Invited speakers will explore what women do in the different areas of openness, how women are fostering a culture of openness and collaboration and how they are changing the landscape in education, data, science and governance. We aim to map good practices that engage fellow women who want to get involved in Open Science, Open Data, Open Education and Open Government.

We are lining up a great set of women - watch out on @A_L_T, #femedtech and @okfnedu for speakers, each of whom will speak briefly on their Open Practice, leaving plenty of time for questions and comments.

This webinar was recorded and the recording can be accessed at:


Bios and additional resources at: http://bit.ly/WinOpen2019

8 Mar 2019 from  1:00 PM to  2:00 PM