CMALT Holders List

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* Denotes CMALT Australasia holder

N.B. CMALT holders are responsible for ensuring that personal details are correctly listed

First Name Last Name Institutionsort descending Membership Type Valid Until*
Devampika Getkahn Certified Member 22/09/21
Leona So Certified Member 27/08/21
Iain Griffin Certified Member 04/11/20
Laura Hollinshead 1981 Certified Member 07/01/21
Mary Jacob Aberystwyth University Certified Member 17/11/20
Kathryn Wright Aberystwyth University Certified Member 15/11/20
Martin Hawksey (Personal) ALT Certified Member 28/08/21
Julian Priddle Anglia Ruskin University Certified Member 01/12/20
Maren Deepwell Association for Learning Technology Senior Certified Member 10/10/21
Adam Warren Aston University Certified Member 31/12/20
Neil Cocklin Aston University Certified Member 09/04/21
Anne-Marie Scott Athabasca University Certified Member 22/04/21
Danielle Mulrennan Auckland University of Technology Certified Member 12/03/21
Thomas Cochrane* Auckland University of Technology Senior Certified Member 04/08/21
David Sinfield* Auckland University of Technology Certified Member 16/09/20
Todd Stretton* Auckland University of Technology Certified Member 14/01/21
Deborah Veness* Australian National University Certified Member 23/03/21
Steve Hirons Birkbeck College, University of London Certified Member 01/03/21
Adele Cushing Birkbeck University of London Certified Member 01/07/21
Elizabeth Charles Birkbeck, University of London Certified Member 28/10/20