Starting in just two days! Join us at Ahead by Bett on 31 March 2023

Empowering agency and expertise for EdTech futures, Friday, 31 March 2023

Join us on 31 March 2023 for an insightful event on the future of learning technology.

Whether you're an educator, administrator, or simply interested in the future of learning technology, this is your opportunity to get the most up-to-date information about the latest findings from benchmark surveys, insights from leaders and practical resources to help tackle professional development and recognition challenges in the sector. 

We, at ALT, will share new findings from ALT's Annual Survey 2023, charting how practice is shifting in the sector and what institutions are investing in. We will also reflect on the continued challenges rapid digital transformation poses for staff development and professional recognition.

Speakers: Puiyin Wong, Julie Voce and Maren Deepwell. 

Join us as we explore the many ways in which EdTech can empower and expertise in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

We can't wait to see you there.

When: 31 Mar 2023 11:00 AM through 12:00 PM

Where: London, United Kingdom

Key findings from our 2022/23 Annual Survey - Trends in Learning Technology

This year, the survey explores the main trends in learning technology with a focus on the digital transformation, that includes:

  • The top nominated tools as the software of the year
  • Models of learning in the UK
  • Biggest challenge for digital transformation

This survey is available to provide an insight into how Learning Technology is being used across sectors as well as identifying emerging trends in current and future practice. The survey was open for responses between 16th January 2023 until 06th February 2023. 

Explore the Findings - Trends in Learning Technology in year 2022/23

Our findings provide an in-depth insight into various topics that are mainly related to the digital transformation in learning technology. 75% of the respondents reported relying more on blended and hybrid models of learning, compared to 66% who reported the same last year. 

Microsoft Teams is the most used software in 2022/23 according to the survey respondents. That is followed by other tools including Zoom, Panopto, Mentimeter and Padlet. It is worth mentioning that some respondents are now starting to explore using AI tools to help them with their day-to-day work such as ChatGPT.

The report also explores factors that are considered to be the biggest challenge for digital transformation such as dedicated time, institutional culture and the development of the staff members.

Look out for the second report from this year's survey which will come out in April. It will shine light on how our professions are developing. Once published, you can find it at Click Here . We love to hear from our readers, if you have any feedback or question, please contact us at

What is Ahead by Bett?

Ahead by Bett is back at London ExCeL for 2023 – bringing together Higher Education leaders and solution providers to connect and address evolution in the industry.

As we look towards a new landscape for Higher Education, key stakeholders across all core functions of universities must consider the right path forward amongst business model disruption and increased pressure to demonstrate value. Working to prioritise peer discussion and cutting-edge content, Ahead by Bett provides a place for the Higher Education community to congregate and tackle the plethora of business and pedagogical challenges faced by the sector.

Higher Education institutions around the world are working at a great pace to adapt to new approaches to learning, accelerate digital transformation and take advantage of new business models recently introduced to the sector. You can expect a large, global audience, excellent thought leadership, and networking opportunities with an engaged community.  

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