Publication of the ALT Annual Survey Report 2020

ALT Annual Survey Report 2020

The report and data from the sixth ALT Annual Survey have now been published and shared openly in the ALT Repository. The ALT Annual Survey reports are designed to:

  • understand current and future practice;
  • show how Learning Technology is used across sectors; and
  • help map the ALT strategy to professional practice to better meet the needs of and represent our members.

The survey was open for responses between 11 December 2019 and 12 January 2020 capturing the priorities and evolving practice prior to the unprecedented move to online and distance learning as a result of COVID-19. As a consequence of COVID-19 the publication of the survey this year has been delayed due as ALT has shifted priorities to support our Members and wider community and whilst priorities have now changed we believe the report is an important record of professional practical, research and policy in Learning Technology. Of particular note in the survey is the recorded increasing importance of web conferencing/virtual classroom software and collaborative tools suggesting that the sector was already building capacity in these areas prior to COVID-19.

As part of the survey of our Members and wider community areas respondents felt the most important for enhancing recognition, representation, professionalisation and impact for Learning Technology professionals were: support Members collaborating across disciplines and sectors; running CPD webinars; continue to publish Research in Learning Technology as a Gold Open Access journal; and opt-in only printed membership packs. 

These are all areas we are still actively supporting and in particular we would like to highlight our enhanced programme of webinars including our weekly crisis support drop-ins, hosting of the weekly UKCopyrightLit webinars and a growing list of community resources including courses, teaching content and more. 

The full ALT Annual Survey Report 2020 and anonymised survey responses for this year and previous years are shared openly in the ALT Repository.

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