New CMALT portfolio sharing initiative

ALT has launched a new CMALT initiative to enhance the CMALT Holders register with a growing list of portfolios shared by Certified Members. You can now browse for portfolios by sector or specialism. Members (including CMALT candidates) will need to be logged in to the ALT site as a member to view the list of shared portfoliosThe main aims of the initiative are to:

  • develop the way we showcase the work and achievements of CMALT Holders;

  • compile better information about professional development in Learning Technology;

  • support candidates who are looking for examples of successful portfolios that are related to their own work.

CMALT holders can now submit information about their accredited portfolio at any time, and opt to provide a link to an openly accessible version of it, by completing the form at .

CMALT is ALT's peer-assessed professional accreditation scheme: to find out more have a look at the CMALT prospectus or the CMALT pages on the ALT website. If you have any questions about this initiative please get in touch with ALT at