Connecting, collaborating and creating #altc: your posts and thanks to our social media team

Getting connected

Image credit: Chris Bull CC-BY-NC ALT

Although barely a week has passed since the ALT Annual Conference 2016 finished, there has been a steady stream of blog posts from participants - both those attending in person and those watching remotely -  reflecting on and sharing their experiences. As we did last year we’ve collected a number of conference-related posts and presentation resources, and, in no particular order, listed them below. If you have written something about #altc we’ve missed you can share on Twitter with the tag #altc and we’ll retweet, or contact us and we'll add to the list.

There is a long list of members we need to thank who have made this year's conference possible. Given the topic of this post we thought we'd use this post to thank ALT Members who helped to deliver the conference online, both for participants at the event and those joining in remotely.

We were delighted to have back Lorna Campbell (@lornamcampbell) and Rich Goodman (@bulgenen) on our @A_L_T twitter account providing summaries of talks and sharing some of the wider conference experience. We were also delighted to have Kenji Lamb from our Partner Member College Development Network (CDN) supporting the live streaming of sessions and Sandra Huskinson (@fieryred) from ALT Communications and Publications Committee capturing some of the voices from the conference.

It was also great to see ALT Members supporting other initiatives including Teresa Mackinnon (@teresamac), Sue Beckingham (@suebecks) and Martin Weller (@mweller) arranging Virtually Connecting sessions with some of our delegates and speakers.

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