#altc22 Resources Openly Accessible


It was a pleasure to convene the ALT Annual Conference in a hybrid format for the first time. There is a wealth of inspiration and resources to share, and we encourage you to explore the recordings from the conference sessions and the voices of the conference we have collated. 

Keynotes and all online sessions are now available openly to all and can be accessed through our interactive programme or YouTube. The resources shared on the Discord server will continue to be accessible until December in a read-only format. We are committed, as an independent charity, to the Open COVID for Education Pledge. 

We would like to thank everyone for contributing to the 2022 ALT Annual Conference! With more than 400 Participants from 20 Countries, we were delighted to see so many delegates joining us in person and online. This year had 4 main themes; digital transformation beyond the crisis, co-creation with learners, emerging leadership for a new strategic vision and developing digital fluency.  It was a wonderful 3 days, thanks to everyone involved, especially our co-chairs and committee, our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and partners.

Explore the highlights from this year