ALT responds to the consultation on the development of a Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland

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The Assocation has submitted evidence to the Scottish Government in response to a consultation on the development of a Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland

This consultation seeks views on the development of a Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy for Scotland.

Digital technology has rich potential to support education in Scotland’s schools in a wide variety of ways, and it is vital to ensure that our children and young people are equipped with the essential digital skills they will need to flourish in the 21st century.  A well-defined strategy will help to make sure that digital technology is embedded in learning and teaching across the curriculum.

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You can now access ALT's response in full here and read the Executive Summary below:

Executive summary

  1. ALT is making this submission as a membership body, representing as members over 1750 individuals and 180 organisations, including universities, colleges, Government departments, agencies, and software, hardware, and e-learning businesses from across the UK;

  2. We broadly agree with the overall themes set out in the strategy and recommend a much stronger emphasis on the professional digital capabilities needed for leaders, teachers and learners;

  3. We provide examples from across our membership how the Association supports professional communities, knowledge sharing and dissemination and include suggestions as to how we may make a contribution to delivering this strategy successfully;

  4. We emphasise the importance of Open Education for the strategy and recommend that the Scottish Government support the Open Scotland Declaration;

  5. We highlight how Learning Technology should play a central role in delivering success for all learners and its potential for solving some of the biggest challenges we are facing in education across sectors;

  6. Building on the experience of our members in Scotland we use ALT’s peer-based accreditation scheme CMALT as an example of how teachers professional development could be supported and how the openly accessible resources in our community can support this process.

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