ALT launches new pathways to professional accreditation via CMALT - sign up now

CMALT and BLE logos

CMALT, ALT’s Certified Membership scheme, is a peer-based professional accreditation scheme developed by ALT to enable people whose work involves learning technology to:

  • have their experience and capabilities certified by peers

  • demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development.

CMALT is mapped to the Blended Learning Essentials course and provides a route for BLE participants to gain wider recognition for their professional practice (see the accreditation guide and the course mapping).

Following member feedback from the Annual Survey, and as set out in the ALT Strategy 2017-2020, we are launching a new CMALT initiative, Pathways to CMALT, designed to provide a structured, peer-based framework for individuals undertaking CMALT independently or as part of a group.

We will provide open online support – in the form of dedicated resources and feedback from tutors and peers – for candidates as they complete CMALT. They will be able to follow a variety of pathways, including any or all sections of the CMALT portfolio, over a period of up to six months, leading to completion and submission of their CMALT portfolio.

The new initiative will incorporate the piloting of two new CMALT strands, for early career candidates, and for candidates in senior and leadership roles.

We are particularly eager for practitioners from the Vocational Education, Training and Skills sector to participate and help to pilot the new initiative. You can sign up and participate for free and without any obligation to complete CMALT.

If you are interested in this initiative or would like more information, please sign up at:

Find out more about CMALT at