What's New in Digital Learning Environments?

With Michael Feldstein and Niall Sclater

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The recording and presentations from this webinar are now available on ALT's Open Access Repository.

Michael Feldstein and Niall Sclater will present this free lunchtime webinar, which is organised by ALT with the eLearning Network. Both presenters have thought deeply about digital learning environments for many years, and both have extensive production and development experience: Michael in the US (latterly at Oracle), and Niall in the UK (latterly at the Open University).

We will notify you of arrangements approximately seven days prior to the webinar, giving you time to get your PC or Mac set up and tested, taking account of the guidance on the ALT web site at http://www.alt.ac.uk/events/webinar-faqs.

The hashtag for this webinar will be #wnidle.

Our thanks are due to ALT sponsoring member Blackboard Collaborate for providing access to the collaboration platform Elluminate Live! to support the delivery of this webinar.

The webinar will start at 1230 UK time (BST), and will finish no later than 1400. BST is 1 hour ahead of GMT. Time zone information. It will be facilitated by Maren Deepwell, and chaired by Rob Hubbard (above right) of the eLearning Network.

About the presenters

Niall Sclater (above centre) is Director of Learning Innovation at the Open University. He is responsible for pushing forward learning systems development and adoption of learning technologies across the institution. He has been involved in the research, development and management of elearning in higher education since 1992, previously at Strathclyde and Glasgow Unviersities, and has published widely on many aspects of elearning. Previously he directed the Open University's virtual learning environment programme which developed a learning management system based on the open source system, Moodle. He blogs at sclater.com.

Michael Feldstein (above left) is the Senior Program Manager of MindTap MindApps at Cengage Learning and author of the e-Literate weblog on educational technology. Prior to working at Cengage, he was Principal Product Strategy Manager for Academic Enterprise Solutions (formerly Academic Enterprise Initiative, or AEI) at Oracle Corporation. Prior to to that, Michael was an Assistant Director at the SUNY Learning Network, where he oversaw blended learning faculty development and was part of the leadership team for the LMS platform migration efforts of this 40-campus program. Michael is a member of the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors. He currently a participant in the IMS and has been a member of eLearn Magazine's Editorial Advisory Board. He is a frequent invited speaker on a range of e-learning-related topics having been invited to speak on topics including e-learning usability, the future of the LMS, ePortfolios, and edupatents for organizations ranging from the eLearning Guild to the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council, and has been interviewed as an e-learning expert by a variety of media outlets, including The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Associated Press, and U.S. News and World Report.

28-06-2011 12:30 to 14:00

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