Introducing the Maths Apps index

Maths Apps index

This webinar introduces the Maths Apps index, developed as part of the maths4us initiative. This webinar will be led by Martin Hawksey, Jisc CETIS, and Maren Deepwell, ALT.

The webinar is going to focus on the development of the site, which builds on the Community-led Evaluation and Dissemination of Support Resources pilot which was completed in 2012 and show participants how the index works. Partners from across the maths4us initiative will also be attending.

Maths Apps index

ALT, together with partners, has led on the development this index of apps for maths as part of the maths4us initiative. You can access and contribute to the Maths Apps index online.

Apps, as we define them for this initiative, include a large number of online tools such as calculators or currency converters to apps that you can download to a mobile device or desktop computer. There are many maths apps that you can download onto your mobile phone for example to help with tasks such as budgeting to others that can provide scientific calculators or learn how to use data and charts.


22-04-2013 12:30 to 13:30

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