Copyright literacy and open practice: an ALT webinar

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In this webinar Chris Morrison and Jane Secker (who run the website discuss the relationship of copyright literacy (which is the knowledge, skills and behaviours to use copyright content in an ethical way) to open practice. 

Chris and Jane have a number of questions that they think are worth asking: Do open practices rely on a good understanding of copyright? Can we be open without understanding licensing? Openness is often equated with far more than just open licensing, however if we wish to share our teaching and research as widely as possible and be as inclusive as possible do we need to build openness onto a foundation of how copyright law and other types of intellectual property work in higher education? Does this mean challenging the status quo? Who can and can't get access to the content they need to learn? Should we use only open access readings if we want to be truly open? What voices might be missing if we do this? Is openness really inclusive? 

22 Jan 2020 12:30 PM through  1:30 PM
United Kingdom