CMALT Holders List

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CMALT accreditation is awarded for 3 years and then reviewed every 3 years through the portfolio review.

CMALT accreditation is only valid whilst the individual remains in good standing as a Certified Member.

* Denotes CMALT Australasia holder

N.B. CMALT holders are responsible for ensuring that personal details are correctly listed

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First Namesort ascending Last Name Institution Membership Type Mem. Renewal
Melissa Highton University of Edinburgh Certified Member 23/08/19
Matthew Guinibert* Auckland University of Technology Certified Member 16/05/20
Matthew Phillpott University of London Certified Member 18/11/19
Matt Cornock STEM Learning Senior CMALT 19/03/20
Matt Cornock STEM Learning Certified Member 31/10/19
Mary Jacob Aberystwyth University Certified Member 17/11/19
Mary Watkins University of Portsmouth Certified Member 07/11/19
Mary Hutchison Student University of Edinburgh Certified Member 01/06/20
Mark Lyndon University of Plymouth Certified Member 23/01/20
Mark Thomas Brighton Bellerbys Certified Member 06/08/19
Mark Williams Micro:bit Educational Foundation Certified Member 09/08/20
Marion Kelt Glasgow Caledonian University Certified Member 15/01/20
Maren Deepwell Association for Learning Technology Certified Member 14/02/20
Maren Deepwell Association for Learning Technology Senior CMALT 10/10/19
Manoj Singh Queen Mary University of London Certified Member 24/11/19
Man Fung LO The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Certified Member 02/07/20
Malcolm Murray Durham University Certified Member 12/06/20
Madeleine Thorn Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Certified Member 10/04/20
Lynne Taylerson Real Time Education Limited Certified Member 28/11/20
Lynnae Venaruzzo Western Sydney University Certified Member 28/10/19