A personal message to our Members from the Chair of ALT

Dear Members 

A personal message from Sheila MacNeill, Chair of ALT:

ALT is working hard to support Members during the current crisis and we have put support in place including weekly drop-ins, resources and more on our homepage

Our Members are under exceptional pressure as institutions plan and implement social distancing measures within learning and teaching. We are at the forefront of scaling up Learning Technology across all sectors, including many Members who are in precarious situations both professionally and personally. 

Much of the work we do as a professional body is reliant on the expertise and efforts of peer reviewers, assessors, editors and others. 

As Members of ALT’ Assembly and Committees, as Editors, Peer Reviewers and CMALT Assessors we are writing to thank you and acknowledge your role and contribution. Thank you. 

If you are able to carry on your active engagement with ALT, then we are grateful to have you on board, but we are also here to support you if you are taking a step back. Please let us know if you wish to pause any activity you are taking part in and even if you are not able to let us know, we will not continue to follow up, but do our best to stop messages reminding you etc. Some automated messages will still go out, so please feel free to ignore them. 

If you are able to continue to play your part in these trying times we want to thank you in particular and we send our best wishes to everyone who has to pause and prioritise care in other ways.