Key findings from our Annual Survey 2021/22 - Trends in Learning Technology

Trends in Learning Technology

We are pleased to share the first of two reports from the seventh ALT Annual Survey. This year the survey explored the sector's continued response to COVID-19 with two particular focuses

The survey was open for responses between 06 December 2021 until 14  January 2022. 

Explore the Findings - Trends in Learning Technology

This report focuses on how the Learning Technology landscape is changing through a focus on tools and technologies and also professional practice. Our findings provide insight into how blended and hybrid models are becoming the main mode of learning, for 66% of our Members and that student engagement continues to be the number one driver behind the adoption of learning technology.


Trends in Learning Technology


In our own activities you will have also noticed a shift towards hybrid models with our first ever hybrid OER conference in April 2022, and many upcoming CPD webinars with related topics. 

Look out for the second report from this year's survey coming soon; Key findings 2021/22 - How our profession is changing.

How our profession is changing


About ALT's  Annual Survey

Our Annual Survey was established in 2014 in order to:

  • Help map professional practice and development in Learning Technology;

  • Chart how Learning Technology is used across sectors;

  • Understand current practice to better meet the needs of and represent our Members.

The survey is open to all ALT Members, both individuals and organisations. We also welcome responses from all with an interest in Learning Technology.


What happens to the data we collect?

The survey is open to all ALT Members, both individuals and organisations and for this edition we received 217 responses from organisations across all sectors that we represent. 

Results of the survey are openly published each year in spring. The survey forms the basis of important strategic insights for Members. Both the ALT Annual Survey and anonymised survey responses are shared openly in the ALT Repository

All data submitted via this survey is analysed and shared openly as part of the Open Covid Pledge for Education in anonymised form and handled in accordance with the ALT Privacy Policy.

The full ALT Annual Survey Report and anonymised survey responses for this year and previous years are shared openly in the ALT Repository.