Key findings from our 2022/23 Annual Survey - Trends in Learning Technology

We are pleased to share our ALT Annual Survey. Last year, we explored how our profession was, and still, changing – click here to read the full report.  This year, the survey explores the main trends in learning technology with a focus on the digital transformation, that includes:

  • The top nominated tools as the software of the year
  • Models of learning in the UK
  • Biggest challenge for digital transformation

This survey is available to provide an insight into how Learning Technology is being used across sectors as well as identifying emerging trends in current and future practice. The survey was open for responses between 16th January 2023 until 06th February 2023

We will share the findings from this year’s survey at the Health Education England Blended Learning Conference 2023 and at a dedicated session at Ahead by Bett, with Puiyin Wong, Julie Voce and Maren Deepwell.

Explore the Findings - Trends in Learning Technology in year 2022/23

Our findings provide an in-depth insight into various topics that are mainly related to the digital transformation in learning technology. 75% of the respondents reported relying more on blended and hybrid models of learning, compared to 66% who reported the same last year. 

Microsoft Teams is the most used software in 2022/23 according to the survey respondents. That is followed by other tools including Zoom, Panopto, Mentimeter and Padlet. It is worth mentioning that some respondents are now starting to explore using AI tools to help them with their day-to-day work such as ChatGPT.

The report also explores factors that are considered to be the biggest challenge for digital transformation such as dedicated time, institutional culture and the development of the staff members.

Look out for the second report from this year's survey which will come out in April. It will shine light on how our professions are developing. Once published, you can find it at Click Here . We love to hear from our readers, if you have any feedback or question, please contact us at

Open Education Research Conference 2023 (OER23)

Our 14th annual conference for Open Education research, practice and policy is happening in Inverness, Scotland in partnership with University of the Highlands and Islands and will be running from 4-6 April 2023.

OER23 is a chance to bring together the strong Scottish Open Education movement and international participants to leverage our shared expertise for change in policy and practice. It will be co-chaired with GO-GN Global OER Graduate Network

To know more about OER23, Click Here.

Changes to this year’s Annual Survey

For the 2022/23 survey, we moved to collecting responses in January for the first time and this resulted in a lower response rate. We received only 117 responses. 90% of respondents are members of ALT. We received responses from all parts of the UK and from all sectors that ALT represents, including higher education, further education, and vocational training. The majority of responses were from members working in UK Higher Education.

As part of our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, we implemented a new EDI monitoring form for the Annual Survey this year. The form was designed to capture information about the demographics of respondents and ensure that our survey is accessible to all. 75% of respondents completed the form.

About ALT's Annual Survey

Our Annual Survey was established in 2014 in order to:

  • Help to map professional practice and development in Learning Technology;
  • Chart how Learning Technology is used across sectors;
  • Understand current practice to better meet the needs of and represent our members.

The survey is open to all ALT Members, both individuals and organisations. We welcome responses from anyone with an interest in Learning Technology, including non-members.

What Happens to The Data We Collect?

Results of the survey are openly published each year in spring. The survey forms the basis of important strategic insights for Members. Both the ALT Annual Survey and anonymised survey responses are shared openly in the ALT Repository.  All data submitted via this survey is analysed and shared openly as part of the Open Covid Pledge for Education in anonymised form and handled in accordance with the ALT Privacy Policy.

The full ALT Annual Survey Report and anonymised survey responses for this year and previous years are shared openly in the ALT Repository.